It has been nearly 10 years since I first had Lasik surgery and although my vision has held up relatively well, my Dry Eyes Syndrome (DES) has progressively gotten worse. I am unsure if it’s due to the Lasik surgery itself or perhaps additional time spent in front of a phone/tablet this past decade or maybe it’s just age – but what I do know is a certain eye drop has improved my dry eyes significantly. 

My dry eyes usually starts around 9pm before I head off to bed and it’s at its worse early mornings right after I wake up and open my eyes. I’ve tried almost every kind of eye drops one could imagine from thick eye lubriants to Japanese cooling menthol eye drops. None have worked! The thick eye lubricants were just yucky and the Japanese cooling eye drops burned – and although the label says it’s safe, I’m more inclined to think that the cooling tingling sensation isn’t really good for my eyes. Perhaps they have different regulations in Japan. 

Recently though I came across a Swiss brand called Similasan. It’s formulated with only natural active ingredients and safe to use as often as needed (although you won’t need to because it only takes a few drops) to rid the dry eyes. This is from their website. Awesome !

“Similasan of Switzerland works differently, by using natural active ingredients to stimulate the body’s natural defenses, so you can feel better without harsh chemicals.”

There are a few different types of eye drops or rather “eye relief” as Similasan likes to call it. The most effective based on what I have tried is the Computer eye relief (link) followed by the Aging eye relief a close second (link). 

Both drops soothe the eyes and give an instant relief to the dry eyes. As the drops are natural, there is no burning nor stinging and the feeling upon contact with one’s pupil is heaven. It feels like the purest spring water fresh from a snowy mountain hitting our eyes.

The Similasan eyedrops also come in a small easy to handle glass bottle as well. Most eye drops on the market come in plastic bottles which brings up contamination concerns (easier for bacteria to grow on plastic) or concern on whether the bottle is bpa-free. The Similasan bottles also comes with a brown tint (similar to beer bottles) preventing further sun/ray damage if you happen to leave it by a window.

I honestly wish I had discovered these eye drops a decade ago when I first started experiencing dry eyes after my Lasik surgery. So many years of using non-natural, potentially toxic eye drops probably did more damage than good. But alas, we can’t turn back time, but in the future there is no other brand I’d use for my dry eyes.

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