Yogi Tea

Tea’s are everywhere these days. There are literally thousands of brands and flavors and hybrids – it’s no longer the English Breakfast/Early Grey teas that our grandparents enjoyed.

Times are much more complicated now, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Afterall, that’s what sipping a cup of tea is all about – simplicity & relaxation.

Yogi Tea is an American brand of teas that checks all the boxes: Vegan, Organic, Ethical, Sustainable, Kosher, etc. You name it, Yogi tea fits the bill.

The most popular tea that Yogi Tea sells is its “Bedtime” tea. It’s an aromatic tea that is noticeable the second you pour hot water over the bag. There’s an immediate relaxing smell of chamomile and cardamom and a hint of cinnamon and licorice sweetness that emits from the hot water hitting the tea bag.

They say that chamomile is high in antioxidants and as a result makes your body relax – and valerian root which helps with cerebral swelling also making your head relax. I am not a doctor, but it makes sense that combined together, this mixture of herbs delivers a powerful punch that has made making a cup of this tea a daily routine now for me before going to bed.